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The term is extended for € 15,000 grant to get on the cloud

Now, move to the cloud with Softeng you will find faster and cheaper than ever.

Thanks to its success, we are happy to announce that you’re still in time to get up to 15,000 € to deploy Office 365 in your organization.

More and more companies are looking for opportunities to update their computer systems and reduce costs. The cloud helps you, eliminating the burden of maintaining your systems without investing in hardware and software assets.

With this program, your company can:

  • Try day service Office 365, without altering your current system.
  • Identify the most appropriate subscription plans.
  • Deploying Office 365 for your organization in just a few days without interruption.
  • Expand Office 365 capabilities to the specific needs of your business and maximize the value of the platform through our managed services.
  • Save, obtaining a major grant that minimizes implementation services.

Now is the best time to make the leap to the cloud hand Softeng

Until next June 30, 2014, customers who purchase and deploy new posts via Office 365 Softeng will benefit from a major grant depending on the number of seats purchased.

Offer applies from 150 posts and for E1, E3 and E4 and Exchange Online 1 to 2 plans, even if you already have Office 365 today.

And the more positions you buy, the greater your savings!

Ampliamos el plazo para conseguir hasta 15.000€ para migrar a Office 365

Softeng is one of Microsoft’s partners with the highest number of implementations of Office 365 and has the experience to help you move your business to the cloud in a fast, efficient and smooth manner.


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