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The importance of having your web adapted to all devices

The consumption of internet through mobile devices is growing at a significant rate and have a responsive web site that can adapt to any device screens has become a key factor for the success of your website and your search engine rankings .

The website is a given marketing tools and communication essential for businesses and users can access it from different types of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. It is for this reason that offer friendly navigation experience for our users must be one of the main objectives since failure to do so could lose potential customers.

And if this reason is already important enough that you’re going to tell now is that makes you definitely decide to adapt your website as soon as possible:

Prevents Google penalizes your site
Google recently announced via his blog that websites that are not adapted for mobile devices, from April 21 to lose its position on competing websites that are adapted itself. With this measure, the search engine tries to offer better browsing experience to users who access through mobile devices by providing search results in those websites that have higher quality.

Portal Builder helps you optimize your web
Softeng we have adapted the design of our web site quickly and easily through our Builder Portal platform. The content of our site is adapted to the width of each of the devices automatically without losing quality, ensuring satisfaction our visitors.

La web de Softeng ya está adaptada para los cambios de Google

Our platform to boost your business through the web, Portal Builder helps you build your website with a responsive design without additional development or duplicate content.

Builder Portal with your web content is automatically organized according to the device from which you access, adjusting and resizing images and columns depending on the screen resolution without losing quality.

With responsive design your site and you get Portal Builder:


  1. Reach further: to ensure the visibility of your website from any device.
  2. Improved positioning in Google: Avoiding the search engine penalizes your site
  3. Increase your productivity: Avoiding duplicate content without having to maintain multiple sites.

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