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The big annual event of Microsoft and Softeng will be on March 1 and 7. Book now one of these dates!

Nueva evento Marzo 2018

The panorama of cyber attacks has increased considerably this past 2018

Indeed, the daily news about cyber attacks to companies remind us that both the probability and the impact of an attack are growing rapidly. Also, these attacks are evolving into an extremely sophisticated new generation. For this reason, more than ever, security must be paramount for those responsible for the business of any company.

And yes, it is certainly logical that companies are so worried. First, because of the risk of your intellectual property and secrets being leaked . And second, because of the imperative need to comply with the new data protection regulation (GDPR) as it requires security, not only protect the stored personal data, but also be able to demonstrate to the agency in an inspection that they are protected and have the ability to report in less than 72 hours before a leak of the same. A lot to do, very complex … but we want to make it easier than ever!

So, as in SOFTENG we are aware of all this problem, we are pleased to announce that we will celebrate a new edition of our event on solutions in the cloud in which in addition to presenting the latest news of Office 365 / Microsoft 365 and Azure around As a modern workplace, we will emphasize Microsoft’s security and compliance solutions and how these help your company work in the cloud in a secure manner, protecting your confidential information and complying with regulations.

So, do not wait any longer and book your agenda next March 1 and 7 , 2019 in the auditorium of La Pedrera in Barcelona and at the Microsoft headquarters in Madrid respectively! You will have the opportunity to discover the latest developments in security, compliance, modern collaboration, mobility and, in general, the keys to accelerate the digital transformation of your company with security , using the cloud specialists of Softeng and Microsoft .

Our events, meeting point for professionals
After 13 successful editions, our event has become an essential appointment for business decision-makers (General Managers, CIO’s, Marketing and Human Resources Managers, etc …) who besides being able to attend interesting talks, have the opportunity to do networking with the rest of the guests, as well as exchanging doubts and experience with specialists from both Microsoft and Softeng.



Nueva evento Marzo 2018

Nueva evento Marzo 2018

If you have already come to previous events .. you will know what is waiting for you;) and you will not want to miss seeing everything that has appeared in Microsoft’s cloud around security and modern workplace. And if you missed the previous events? Well, calm, this is your chance to catch up because before the appointment we will send you a recap so you can take advantage of the event 100%. By the way, if you do not know .. our events are not technical , but are oriented to the value offered by technology, in a practical and understandable way for any manager and without using technical words or flooding with excessively technical information.

In short .. that is a day to enjoy learning and n or you can let it escape so …

Cheer up before the squares are finished and take advantage of this opportunity!

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