News6 May, 20202 min de lectura

Softeng’s success in deploying Microsoft Teams to tens of thousands of users

Éxito Teams

We managed to upload Microsoft Teams to tens of thousands of users, supporting companies in managing change.

As proof of our commitment to our customers in the face of the situation we are experiencing due to the Covid-19, we want to share with you the achievement of having launched during this period and to date, more than 20,000 users in Microsoft Teams.

These figures not only demonstrate the effort made by Softeng but also our capacity and involvement to offer the service that our clients need in any circumstance.

In fact, we have even supported many companies at no cost through exclusive webinars and our Minerva change management tool (integrated in Teams), with video-content created by our experts, so that users know how to work remotely with maximum productivity.

And to our clients with premium managed services, we have helped them intensively:

  • Accelerating the use of Teams to collaborate and be able to work remotely, as well as quickly assign a landline number to each user to have telephony integrated into their team.
  • Boosting the use of our Minerva change management application (integrated into Teams), activating all content so that users know how to work remotely with maximum productivity and security.
  • Promoting and accelerating the important security measures that may be pending to deploy.
  • Creating virtual desktops in Azure so that users can access corporate applications from home, safely.
  • Organizing exclusive sessions on how to telework productively and safely.

Our purpose is to accompany our clients safely in their digital transformation and in a moment as complicated as this, we wanted to thank with our total involvement, the trust they placed in us in their day .

Thank you very much and cheer … There is less left!