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Softeng redefines its brand identity and strategy to lead a new era of digitization and cybersecurity

  • Softeng, a technology consultant specializing in digitization and cybersecurity, Microsoft’s Top Partner Cloud, presents its new brand identity and positioning with a clear purpose: to help create a more digital, secure, and sustainable world.

This is a strategic milestone for Softeng, which coincides with its 25-year history, and which seeks to boost brand value and take a step forward to lead a new era marked by digitization and cybersecurity.

Under the Reimagine Softeng concept, the company has carried out a profound change and reflection to reinterpret its long history and experience, and reimagine the future to forge a solid brand DNA that is 100% compatible with current and future digitization needs. and cybersecurity, in order to provide greater value to customers by helping them achieve their business objectives.

Brand Essence Softening

Brand DNA , where everything is born

At Softeng we have renewed our DNA to shape a new identity and differential value proposition that is based on a brand idea with a clear focus on the customer and on the cloud: We maximize the power of the Microsoft cloud so that companies with ambition safely advance their business objectives. A core concept that aligns the entire brand to guide business strategy, promote meaningful two-way communication with our stakeholders, and drive new opportunities for digital innovation. All this, distilled into a powerful brand essence: Maximize the power of the cloud. Move forward safely.

Softeng logo evolution

Softeng new logoFrom the visual part, reinventing the logo from our iconic symbol to show the ambition to always move forward, to the verbal expression in the corporate tagline with a global approach – Maximize the cloud. Securely-; Up to the update of the mission and vision, everything comes together to position Softeng as the specialist ally that facilitates maximizing the potential of the Microsoft cloud to face the most complex challenges of digitalization and cybersecurity.

The values ​​that define us

One of the pillars of Softeng’s new identity is our team of senior talent, specialists across the Microsoft cloud, and our values: Expert, Mentor, Proactive, Innovative, and Committed. Some values ​​that have been maintained in the company since its inception, with the same vocation of accompanying those companies that understand digital innovation as a competitive advantage. And after 25 years of growth, challenges and recognition, at Softeng we reaffirm these values, strengthened by experience and which are the basis of our new strategy.

A mission that motivates and a vision that drives us

At Softeng we promote a new strategy to successfully carry out our mission – accompanying our clients by maximizing the power of the Microsoft cloud to promote digital innovation with security and intelligence -, evolving our Secure Digital Transformation Program towards a unique proposal in the market that places the greatest value on our support model with the solution: Softeng Max, the intelligent support for faster and safer digitization. It should be noted that at Softeng we have a firm commitment to innovation, investing more than 2 million euros a year in R&D for the development of our own solutions, and with a team of experts with more than 300 official Microsoft certifications. All of this allows us to have expertise and a global vision of the priorities,

Value proposition-Softeng Max

We have redefined our DNA to better approach our audience with a clear and consistent message, boost the value of the Softeng brand to strengthen our position as industry leaders and, finally, update our value proposition to better adapt it to the current needs of digitization and security, highlighting our support model, which is truly unique in the market.

Carlos Colell, CEO of Softeng.

Based on our experience, at Softeng we have developed an intelligent support model that includes 3 services from a holistic approach with our own methodology and intelligent tools that simplify and accelerate innovation to help our clients create a more digital workplace. and sure; leverage the intelligence of Microsoft Azure to move forward with security; and protect all digital assets with a Zero Trust approach.

And, thus, facing the most complex challenges of digitization and cybersecurity with the vision of ensuring that all companies with the ambition to improve themselves continuously adopt digital innovation, remaining safe to progress and always remain competitive.

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