News3 April, 20122 min de lectura

SOFTENG participates successfully in the “Corporate social networking” event

The Social Media Point (SMP) is an event which aims to discover why Social Media Marketing is important through examples of successful campaigns, applications, trends, etc. On this occasion SMP invited the Director General of Softeng, Carlos Colell, oempresa specialized in the implementation of corporate intranets with Microsoft SharePoint.

This event was aimed at specialists of marketing with need to know how corporate social networks can contribute to the goals of your company. Softeng Presentación on SharePoint: the vehicle towards productivity

In his speech, Carlos Colell stressed the before and the after the intranets: before they served to share content, and today help to encourage collaboration among the people to create and manage knowledge. Not quickly find the information you need or do not have access to it from places outside of the Office is one of the main problems that prevent employees to be productive. Instead, a modern intranet helps increase productivity, facilitates the connection between people and centralizes the information through a single point of access.
He taught them us through a demo of Sharepoint, a program that allows accessing information in different ways and open and edit the document without having to do with Office. Among its multiple functions said the possibility of creating files simultaneously from several authors, being possible to see which of them are connected. He commented that while his social skills are limited, it is a platform with a growth of 20,000 daily users and as positive secured projects investment is recovered in less than a year.