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Softeng obtains the new advanced specialization: “Government and information protection”

Nueva especialización avanzada Information protection and governance

At Softeng we continue to add recognitions. On this occasion, we have achieved a new advanced specialization that supports our extensive experience in the implementation of Microsoft information protection solutions.

This new recognition has been achieved thanks to the proven technological training of our engineers through official certifications, the Gold Security competence and the high number of medium and large company clients to whom Softeng has successfully implemented solutions to satisfy their security and compliance needs.

Data protection, one of the biggest challenges for companies

Nueva especialización avanzada Information protection and governance

The rapid pace of digital transformation reshapes the digital environment of companies continuously. With the exponential growth of data and its mobility, companies need the help of a specialist to implement effective solutions that protect their sensitive information and advice to improve management and mitigate the risks associated with unstructured data and all this, while ensuring compliance with regulations, such as the GDPR.

To meet this need, Microsoft includes protection, control and auditing tools, giving visibility of how information is consumed and from where, greatly improving corporate information governance processes. These tools help you:

  • Know the data: Control the location and status of data and identify important information throughout your local and cloud environment
  • Protect your data: Protect your company’s confidential information throughout its entire life cycle by applying confidentiality labels linked to protection actions such as encryption, access restrictions, visual marks and many more.
  • Prevent data loss: By applying data loss prevention policies across the cloud, local environments, and devices to monitor, prevent, and correct risky activities with sensitive data.
  • Govern data: Intelligently manage the information and records lifecycle with local administration, automated policies, justified deletion, and pre-built data connectors.

Our commitment to continuous improvement

The Advanced Specialization in “Information Governance and Protection  is our most recent Microsoft accreditation and adds to our already achieved:

  • “Identity and access management”
  • “Implementation of teamwork”
  • “Protection against threats”
  • “Adoption and management of change”
  • “Meetings and meeting rooms for Microsoft teams”

These advanced specializations together with the extensive list of accredited technological competencies , position us as a Microsoft partner with more certifications and advanced specializations in Spain and one of the top worldwide.

At Softeng, we strive to provide our clients with the best technology, our experience and the most innovative solutions to help them protect their business from the most advanced threats. We are very proud to continue being a benchmark in accompanying our clients in their secure digital transformation and we thank them for the trust they place in us every day.