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Softeng Obtains Advanced Specialization: Identity and Access Management

Softeng consigue la especialización avanzada de Microsoft: Gestión de identidad y acceso

We are proud to announce that we have achieved a new advanced specialization that recognizes our extensive experience and training in implementing Microsoft cloud identity solutions with Azure Active Directory Premium.

This new recognition has been achieved thanks to the proven technological training of our engineers through official certifications, the Gold Security competence, which is the highest recognition as specialists in security solutions in the cloud, and the high number of clients of medium and large companies to which Softeng has successfully implemented identity solutions in the cloud.

Identity at the forefront of security strategy

Softeng consigue la especialización avanzada de Microsoft: Gestión de identidad y acceso

As our world undergoes rapid digital transformation, security threats evolve with increasing sophistication. This new security paradigm is addressed within a Zero Trust strategy framework, which places identity as an essential part of an effective strategy. Also, the accelerated adoption of remote working, which has exposed many companies to risks and threats, has highlighted the critical role that identity plays in helping organizations to be safe and productive.

Companies need a secure and unified access management that protects employees and customers and for this, they have Azure Active Directory Premium, a solution that in addition to helping to guarantee access to applications and data only to the people who really are Who They Say They Are, includes the ability to enforce smarter restrictions through three key features:

  • Conditional access: To limit access to applications from outside the company (based on group membership, geographic location and device status).
  • Identity protection: Risk-based conditional access. For this, strange behaviors are analyzed (for example, you have logged in from very far locations in an impossible time, you try to access from a computer not managed by the organization and others).
  • Management of privileged identities: Administration and protection of administrator accounts, allowing to assign the administrator role to a user temporarily, alerting of the change and supervising their access to resources.

We continue adding value

The Advanced Specialization in “Identity and Access Management” is our most recent Microsoft accreditation, adding to our already achieved “Implementing Teamwork” and “Adoption and Managing Change” and the extensive list of accredited technology competencies that position us as one of the most qualified Microsoft partners worldwide.

At Softeng, we are committed to providing solutions to our clients and offering them our experience. We are very proud to continue being a benchmark in accompanying our clients in their secure digital transformation and we thank them for the trust they place in us every day.