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Softeng Earns Advanced “Threat Protection” Specialization from Microsoft

Nueva especialización avanzada Protección contra amenazas

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved a new advanced specialization that recognizes our extensive experience in implementing Microsoft cloud threat protection solutions.

This new recognition has been achieved thanks to the proven technological training of our engineers through official certifications, the Gold Security competence and the high number of medium and large company clients to whom Softeng has successfully implemented protection solutions. against Microsoft threats.

Comprehensive protection against the most advanced threats

Nueva especialización avanzada Protección contra amenazas

An ever-evolving threat landscape requires companies not only to protect themselves against threats, but to be trained and well-advised, in order to quickly detect and recover from a security incident. However, managing security is a challenge for many organizations, attackers target the most vulnerable resources of the organization to be scaled laterally to the assets of greater value. For this reason, companies can no longer consider a protection approach for individual areas such as email or computers, but must consider a global protection approach that covers all areas from identity to computers, applications, email and infrastructure.

To meet this need, Microsoft offers a complete set of security solutions that prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats, covering all areas in a comprehensive manner, promoting a ZeroTrust strategy.

  • Identities: Through “Microsoft Defender for Identity” and “Azure Active Directory” that manage and protect hybrid identities, and simplify employee access. Microsoft Defender for Identity uses Active Directory cues to identify, detect, and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and harmful indirect actions directed at the organization.
  • Devices: Through “Microsoft Defender for Endpoint,” a platform that combines Windows 10 technology and Azure cloud service to provide businesses with proactive protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and advanced threat response in their networks.
  • Email and Documents: Through “Microsoft Defender for Office 365,” which protects against malicious threats posed by email messages, links (URLs), and collaboration tools.
  • Applications: Through “Microsoft Cloud App Security”, a complete SaaS solution that provides IT departments with visibility and control over the applications in the cloud used by the users of your organization (those allowed and those not allowed).
  • Infrastructure: Through “Azure Defender”, an evolution of Azure Security Center with threat protection capabilities to protect infrastructures wherever they are, including virtual machines, databases, containers, IoT and much more, whether they are hosted on the hybrid cloud (Azure and / or other clouds) as if they still reside in a classic on-premises datacenter. It is also integrated with “Azure Sentinel”, Microsoft’s security information and event management tool.

Our commitment to continuous improvement

The Advanced Specialization in “Threat Protection” is our most recent accreditation from Microsoft, adding to our already achieved “Identity and Access Management”, “Implementing Teamwork” and “Adoption and Change Management” and extensive list of accredited technology competencies that position us as one of the most capable Microsoft partners in the world.

At Softeng, we strive to provide our clients with the best technology, our experience and the most innovative solutions to help them protect their business from the most advanced threats. We are very proud to continue being a benchmark in accompanying our clients in their secure digital transformation and we thank them for the trust they place in us every day.