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Softeng, a year-end very committed to helping companies

Softeng muy activos en eventos

This last quarter has been full of events and news at Softeng. We have had the opportunity to participate in several reference events for CIOs and IT professionals, and we have prepared two webinars to provide clarity and practical solutions in these difficult times.

Here we summarize the main events and what they consist of.

CIO Digital Forum 2020

At the event organized by IDC, this year titled “The Digital (R) Evolution. Prioritizing the CIO’s Digital Agenda”, needs, solutions and trends in current issues such as remote work, cybersecurity and AI were discussed.

Softeng was present at the round table “Building the security business in the cloud”, where the CEO of Softeng, Carlos Colell, had the opportunity to discuss with leading CIOs in the sector what risks IT departments should face in cybersecurity issues and what features has an optimal solution.

You can see here a complete summary of the event.

Future of Work

In this year’s edition, IDC’s “Future of Work” becomes more relevant than ever as it addresses the future of telecommuting by focusing on the impact it will have on both employees and the business level. The subject will be raised from three fundamental blocks for digital transformation: consolidating culture, adapting the workspace and promoting technology that allows a digitized work environment.

Carlos Colell will participate in a round table where he will expose what pillars are necessary for remote work that allows companies and their teams to continue being productive, creative and through solutions that eliminate IT complexity and do not put the security of the entire company at risk. company.

The event will be held on November 19 in 100% digital format, where attendees will be able to enjoy interactive sessions and debates, as well as the opportunity to expand their contact networks with companies throughout the national territory.

If you still don’t have your place reserved, you can do it here .

Webinar “Resilient Companies”

In response to the scenario full of uncertainty that the pandemic is bringing, in Softeng we launched a webinar with the purpose of sharing our vision of what a company needs to be resilient and continue to be productive regardless of external factors as unpredictable as we are living.

At the event, held on November 22, more than 200 companies had the opportunity to join us for 1 hour in a space where we put special emphasis on how to enable remote work. We talked about the implications and risks of using VPNs or classic remote desktop infrastructures, how they can compromise the security of the entire company and what challenges an optimal solution must face.

Later we presented Windows Virtual Desktop, we talked about its characteristics and its advantages over the rest of the options and, as always, we gave it a practical approach through a demo of the service, showing the unbeatable experience and usability from various devices and aspects in the field. cybersecurity, at the level of identity, information and devices.

If you did not have the opportunity to join us, we leave you a more complete summary here .

Webinar “Incorporating business processes in Microsoft Teams”

It is being a very complex year at the level of changes in the businesses, which have been putting all their efforts for months to remain productive and efficient with a workforce that is now distributed.

To meet this need, Microsoft has put special focus on launching a large set of innovations for Teams, the workspace for collaboration and productivity between teams, which allow companies to continue to perform and innovate without depending on external factors.

In order to help companies get the most out of the platform and digitize their business processes, at Softeng we are preparing a webinar where we will show you the latest Teams news and how it helps improve productivity together with Power Platform .

We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn where we will provide you with the information for registration in the next few days.

Article in the magazine “Cibersecurity News”

On the other hand, we have had the opportunity to contribute our approach to security in the prestigious magazine Cibersecurity News, a leader in cybersecurity in Spain and Latin America.

In the next edition, which will see the light in the coming weeks in paper and digital format, we have contributed an article in which we talk about the solution for companies to enable teleworking in a simple, safe way and reducing costs.

If you want to keep up to date with the launch of this edition, follow us on LinkedIn where we will keep you informed of the latest news.