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Microsoft presents its latest technological developments in the Worldwide Partner Conference

Novedades WPC

Yesterday was the first day of the annual conference of Microsoft partners ( WPC ) in which Carlos Colell, CEO of Softeng is present.

The WPC is an annual event in which top leaders and senior managers of the company disclosed the most important new, strategic plans and vision for the new year 2016.

Novedades WPC

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, spoke about the commitment of the company at cloud services and the latest innovations that Microsoft is working and that demonstrate the company’s ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes, build a intelligent cloud and create a more personal computing.

On the first day the company introduced the latest to be published this year, highlighting the new version of its Office productivity suite 365 and the imminent release of Windows 10.

The most notable changes are:

  • New version of Office 365: The company has announced that in October will launch a new enterprise version of its suite of productivity in the cloud, Office 365 E5, which includes new communication services in real-time analysis Power BI and advanced security capabilities .
  • GigJam project: According to the words of Satya Nadella, this new tool aims to reinvent the productivity and business processes of companies. GigJam is specially designed for data analysis processes required in the day, transforming everyday tasks in applications for mobile devices that companies can control and share all types of information among users.
  • Cortana Analytics Suite: This service brings together a range of services designed to help companies transform the data they collect in intelligent actions services. Cortana Analytics includes machine learning technology, big data storage and processing with perceptual intelligence and vision, the face and the analysis of language. The new suite integrates with Cortana and will be available to users through a monthly subscription for next fall.
    Novedades WPC
  • Hololens This holographic computing device powered by Windows 10 and presented by Microsoft a few months ago, has been one of the most striking of the start of the conference. In one of the demonstrations showed the company operating a design program that can show through holograms, models of products production and the ability to modify these virtual drawings collaboratively.

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