News8 March, 20121 min de lectura

Final stage of Plan savings SMEs 3.0 from Microsoft

On June 30 completed the plan saving SMEs 3.0 from Microsoft aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. More than 2,000 companies have already benefited from this technological interest-free financing plan.

Savings plan 3.0 SMEs
includes a series of discounts and financial facilities for companies minimize their expenditure in technology without having to give up the software you really need to be more competitive by improving their productivity.

SMEs can benefit from a 15% discount on Office 2010, Windows Professional software of Windows Server, Sql Server and up to 80% in management of resources (planning ERP) Solutions Dynamics.

In addition, the firm to help SMEs to finance its technology through Microsoft Financing, offering flexible solutions to finance Microsoft and software services, which include training and consulting, as well as third-party hardware and software.

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