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Event summary of Office 365 organized Softeng and Microsoft last May 8

For those who could not attend the Conference, discussed that this is one of the fruit of close collaboration births events maintained by Microsoft and Softeng especially in the Cloud, Office 365 area. The event was a great success of participation and welcomed business decision-makers and of medium and large enterprises of diverse sectors it managers. All of them had the opportunity to know the gains of productivity, agility and reliability of services in the cloud, Microsoft, and how this helps enterprises to become more competitive.

On this day, the Softeng specialists they talked about how the cloud and specifically, Office 365, helps enterprises to become more competitive thanks to the productivity,innovation and cost reduction It is possible to get. Softeng consultants also made a practical demonstration of the Office 365 platform in which attendees could see how this platform meets common needs in firms much more efficiently, thus generating a real value to the business apart from the obvious cost savings. For its part, Microsoft was responsible for making a formal presentation on Office 365 and the Microsoft Innovation Center talk how to calculate the savings offered by Office 365.

At the end of the event took place a lively roundtable discussion in which Softeng experts answered all issues posed by attendees, mainly relating to security, hybrid cloud and scenarios more complex issues on integration with your current systems.

The event ended with the draw of a Nokia 800 Lumia, courtesy of Nokia Spain, which wanted to join the party.

The team of Softeng and Microsoft that participated in the event:

See some of the presentations that were shown at the event:

In this presentation, Carlos Colell, Director General de Softeng, spoke about how the cloud can help companies become more competitive.


Presentation and novelties of Office 365 starring José Luis Cruz, Partner Technology Advisor of Microsoft



Presentation on the economic impact (ROI) for businesses to adopt Office 365 starring Xavier Hernanz, Consulting Services Manager of Microsoft Innovation Center.


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