News8 February, 20122 min de lectura

BlackBerry Business Cloud Services integrated with Office 365 services

BlackBerry users are in luck because now they can access from their smartphones Microsoft Office 365 services through BlackBerry Business Cloud Services.

From Softeng, we are pleased to have several clients who are using this service with satisfactory results.

BlackBerry Business Cloud Services provides advanced and flexible administration with self-service capabilities to support the deployment of an organization of BlackBerry in the cloud.

The main features include:

  • Integration with the Portal administrative of Office 365.
  • Wireless synchronization with the email, calendar and organizer of Microsoft Exchange Online data.
  • BlackBerry technology balance sheet, which presents a unified view of corporate and personal information that we store on the mobile phone in a way that keeps them separate and secure.
  • Intuitive web interface that offers tools so that administrators can perform tasks remotely restore passwords, locate or block lost devices. One of the main demands of many enterprises to maintain control over mobile phones company.
  • Single, integrated logon with Office 365 BlackBerry Business Cloud Services, users shall agree to options of self-service online that will allow them to manage their devices even more efficiently.

The service is available free of charge for customers of Office 365 for medium-sized enterprises and Enterprise or Exchange Online and works with BlackBerry smartphones with business or consumer data plans.