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A new opportunity arrives to attend the great annual Microsoft and Softeng event. Save the date!

Llega una nueva oportunidad para asistir al gran evento anual de Microsoft y Softeng será el 6 y 12 de marzo ¡Resérvate ya una de estas fechas!

When we talk about the concept of Digital Transformation, we immediately think of the opportunity to innovate and the possibility of making our company more competitive. However, in this process, security acquires a leading role and poses new challenges for companies that must be taken into account if one does not want to fail in the attempt.

Unfortunately, the cyber attack landscape continues to increase year after year.

Daily news about cyber attacks on companies remind us that both the probability and the impact of an attack continue to grow rapidly. Also, these attacks are evolving to a new generation extremely sophisticated. For this reason, more than ever, security must be paramount for the business leaders of any company.

And yes, it is certainly logical that companies are so worried. First, because of the risk of leaking your intellectual property and secrets . And, secondly, because of the imperative need to comply with regulations.

So, as in SOFTENG we are aware of all this problem, we are pleased to announce that we will celebrate a new edition of our event on cloud solutions in which in addition to presenting the latest news from Office 365 / Microsoft 365 and Azure around Modern workplace, we will emphasize Microsoft security and compliance solutions and how they help your company work in the cloud in a productive and safe way, protecting your confidential information and complying with regulations.

So, don’t wait any longer and book on your agenda next March 6 , 2020 ( La Pedrera auditorium in Barcelona) or March 12 ( Microsoft headquarters in Madrid) , as you wish. You will have the opportunity to discover the latest developments in security, compliance, modern collaboration, mobility and in general, the keys to accelerate the digital transformation of your company with security.

Meeting point between managers and the real value of technology
After 14 successful editions, our event has become an indispensable appointment for business decision makers (General Directors, CIO’S, Marketing and Human Resources Managers, etc …) who have the opportunity to see in a practical way how a modern company works easily understanding the value of the latest developments as well as being able to network with other guests and exchange doubts and experience with specialists from both Microsoft and Softeng.

Llega una nueva oportunidad para asistir al gran evento anual de Microsoft y Softeng será el 6 y 12 de marzo ¡Resérvate ya una de estas fechas!

Llega una nueva oportunidad para asistir al gran evento anual de Microsoft y Softeng será el 6 y 12 de marzo ¡Resérvate ya una de estas fechas!

Let them tell you
What better way to encourage you to join us than letting the attendees themselves explain it to you:

“ The event organized by Softeng has met my expectations. Showing the solutions proposed by Softeng with practical examples has been more didactic. I thank Softeng for having me participate in this event because I have been able to see several interesting solutions and they have also updated us with the future paths that Microsoft is taking. “
Jordi Robles – Head of Governance IT of AIGÜES DE BARCELONA

“As usual, the Softeng event shows how to apply, in a practical and simple way, all the amalgam of tools available from Microsoft in such a didactic way, that you immediately manage to find the right solution to the problems that arise in your day every day, including all aspects, from the most compliant to the most productive, through the financial ones. Today, for us they are the benchmark. “
David Rojas – IT Manager of WOLTERS KLUWER

“It was the first time I was attending an event of yours. I had been well told about them and they were not mistaken. In general I really liked all the editing and staging, in particular, the Teams session is the best I have ever seen. “
Miguel Ángel López – Head of architecture projects at ABERTIS

“The Softeng event exceeded all my expectations. Magnificent location, and a superb driving by Imma and Carlos, who made the feet on the ground to more than one of those already in the cloud. The staging of the demos made throughout the act meant that we could see a technical department more than competent, and most importantly, with scars on the matter. A 10 ”
Pau Santacana – IDILIA FOODS Infrastructure Manager

If you have already come to previous events .. you will know what awaits you;) and surely you will not want to miss seeing all the new things that have appeared in the Microsoft cloud around security and a modern workplace. By the way, if you do not know .. our events are NOT technical , but are oriented to the value offered by technology, in a practical and understandable way for any manager and without using technical words or flooding with excessively technical information.

Anyway … it is a day to enjoy learning and you can not miss it so … stay tuned because in the coming weeks we will publish the event agenda.