The adoption of Digital Transformation by companies is generating very large volumes of information that are causing a true revolution in the world of data analysis. The digitization of previously manual processes is giving rise to new data sources that did not exist before and has even added new words to our vocabulary, such as Big Data.

Analyzing and exploiting all this information has become a crucial part of the Digital Transformation, which cannot be complete without a data analysis platform. With the growing complexity of the markets and the competitiveness between companies, having a decision-making system based on analyzed and processed data can make a key difference.

In this digital event we will learn about the possibilities that Microsoft tools offer us to carry out ambitious Data processes, we will see how Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence democratizes access to this type of technology, until recently exclusive to large multinationals, and we will discover how we can exploit all the information with Power BI and integrate the decision-making system with the other tools that Power Platform has.

Take this opportunity to learn about the possibilities and tools available to start or enrich a data analysis platform that can provide your company with an agile decision-making system with Power Platform and the latest news from Microsoft.

Event schedule

  • BI as a fundamental part of the Secure Digital Transformation process.
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in data analytics.
  • DEMO: Report creation and decision making with Power BI, empowering your data with AI and integrating it with Power Platform tools.
  • Question Time.