More and more, companies find themselves with the need to work remotely in an agile and efficient way, with solutions that allow teams to continue being productive and adapt to any eventuality, but always guaranteeing the security of the company.

For this reason, following the series of digital events on the Secure Digital Transformation that we are carrying out this year, in this event we are going to talk about the most modern way of working remotely, showing through a demo of Windows Virtual Desktop, a real scenario with the most recent innovations in terms of user experience and how easy it is to manage this solution.

It will be an event aimed at IT managers and business decision-makers, in which you will have the opportunity to discover, without technical terms, the benefits it offers to users, IT departments and the company, as well as to know the points that you must take into account before considering working with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Event schedule

  • The problems that Windows Virtual Desktop solves.
  • News that it presents.
  • How Windows Virtual Desktop helps you optimize user experience, security, manageability, and cost.
  • Factors to consider before getting started with Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • DEMO: User experience and platform management.
  • Question time.