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Yammer and SharePoint, the power of social and collaboration

040813_1352_Yammer1.png Yammer is Microsoft’s main bet for the Social Enterprise. It brings together all the characteristics of a social network (conversation, immediacy, feeds, microbloggings, etc …) transferred to the company and designed so that employees can communicate with each other, streamlining the internal communication process with respect to traditional systems such as meetings , email, etc …

S Yammer.png u use is similar to social networks like Facebook, users have a profile associated with their corporate email account and can share files, put the classic I like, create events and participate in working groups in which they can collaborate in the construction of ideas.


What benefits does Yammer offer to companies?

Yammer is a tool that adds value to companies and helps their daily work. Its most outstanding benefits are:

  • Facilitate communication between employees
  • Knowledge management, helps consolidate and share it in an instant way
  • Encourage natural collaboration among employees (Innovate, discover ideas, discover creative ways to collaborate, etc …)
  • Generate discussion and discussion groups
  • Help companies manage corporate communications
  • Help employees stay up to date with what’s happening in your company
  • Improve the corporate environment and create links with the company
  • Cohesion teams or decentralized people
  • Help to better manage projects

Social Networking + collaboration with Yammer and SharePoint Online
Microsoft offers Yammer in combination with SharePoint Online through the Office 365 Productivity suite and within Enterprise contracts. The result of this combination enriches the social network with the characteristics of SharePoint Online, such as collaboration, increased productivity, teamwork, savings, etc …

Microsoft has announced that the integration of Yammer with Office 365 will begin this summer by launching an update that will allow:

  • Management of workflows associated with SharePoint
  • Companies will have the option to replace the news feed (Newsfeed) of SharePoint Online with that of Yammer
  • Start of single session for both products
  • Online document management with Office Web Apps, the social network will have capabilities to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from the browser.
  • The social network will include the automatic translation system, Microsoft translator that covers 39 languages, this system will allow instant translating conversations.

The company has announced that they are preparing new capabilities that will come in a new update in mid-autumn and the integration of the social network, with the other components that make up the Office 365, starting with Lync Online and Exchange Online.