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We present the news of Softeng Portal Builder 2015

Nueva versión de Softeng Portal Builder 2015.R1

Softeng Portal Builder is a platform for productivity in the cloud that helps you boost your business through the web, making it a profitable site and how does it help you? Getting more opportunities by getting a greater number of visits to your website without investing in advertising, offering autonomy to easily manage the structure of your site and increasing your productivity by allowing you to easily update the contents from the web itself. In this post we tell you the most interesting news that comes in this Portal Builder update.

What is the recent update focused on?

The new version of Portal Builder presents usability, performance and security improvements that will help you create and manage much more profitable websites with high productivity and total autonomy. In addition, thanks to Portal Builder being in the cloud, our Premium clients already enjoy all the improvements in a comfortable and automatic way, without added licensing or migration costs. Below we detail the most relevant news.

1-News to improve the integration of Portal Builder with recent updates from Microsoft

  • Authentication with Office 365 .
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 / Microsoft Edge, the new Microsoft web browser.

2-Usability improvements for the reuse of composition blocks
Now you can quickly determine in what content a block is being used, allowing you to reuse the work and make modifications in a simpler and more predictable way. Specifically, this can be done thanks to:


  • Copy and paste blocks between different pages, facilitating the process through a wizard that facilitates the process.
  • When you paste block, now a visual indicator appears that shows us where the element will be inserted.
  • Now the block panel shows us information about its use in other compositions, allowing us to browse it to see it.
  • The block panel now allows you to reuse the block in other content.
  • New views: ” Blocks not used “, ” Blocks currently used” and ” Blocks on this page “.
  • Improvements in the selection of composition areas, highlighting empty composition areas with a color change effect

Nueva versión de Softeng Portal Builder 2015.R1

  3-User experience improvements
This section contains a summary of small improvements that facilitate the user experience in general, when working with Edit in Place.

      • Usability improvements in list and counter of pending changes in EIP. The unpublished content “by hand” does not appear on the counter or in the list of changes, so as not to give the impression that the user has pending actions. In the list pending publication, leave as before, unchecked. Also, we have improved the tooltip to explain why they are unmarked.
      • Increase the amount of tooltips (emergent descriptions) in different points allowing also to hide them with “Esc” in case they bother.
      • Improvements in the search engine of the tree: Find words even if we do not use the exact phrase
      • Uploading files with the “Drag and Drop” function now works with HTML 5, so Silverlight is no longer required.
      • Improvement of the Twitter Widget so that it shows and refreshes its data more intelligently.

      • New option in EIP that shows how the page will look on mobile, tablet or any other device such as SmartTV.

      • New view: ” Contents without location” that allows the user to quickly see the contents that are not translated.

      • When renaming pages, if it has compositions, distributions or frames, they are also automatically renamed to help the user correctly identify these components when needed.

      • New functionality of the ” Preview ” that allows the user to view the content just by putting the mouse on top. The “preview” shows pages, and files (images, videos). In addition, the system has been improved to more faithfully reflect the content aspect

      Nueva versión de Softeng Portal Builder 2015.R1

        4-Improvements in the “Map of Heat”
      The improvements in the “Heat Map” streamline the user’s work and offer a more precise analysis:

        • Now you can open the heat map directly from the “latest version” mode (it automatically switches to online mode, asking you)
        • Now you can analyze the behavior of clicks filtering by different types of devices, including SmartPhones and SmartTV.

        Nueva versión de Softeng Portal Builder 2015.R1

          5-Improvements in the intelligent search engine positioning engine of Portal Builder (SEO)
        The improvements in the search engine optimization technology offered by Portal Builder reduce the user’s work to a minimum and offer even better results in the positioning of your website:

        • Novelty of SEO suggestions: When opening the SEO dialog, Portal Builder analyzes the page and makes intelligent suggestions for the name, Meta title, keywords and description.
        • Adaptations so that the public Web can be used with HTTPS. Because Google recommends and even rewards HTTPS, now Portal Builder can be used with HTTPS on the public Web.
        • New view: ” Contents Without informed SEO “. Important help for SEO site, to easily identify content without informed SEO information and correct them.
        • Portal Builder now adds Canonical Url’s automatically.
        • Improvement of multi-language SEO using a tag suggested by Google. Now in the sitemap.xml, each page entry includes the tag of the equivalent pages in other languages.

        Nueva versión de Softeng Portal Builder 2015.R1

          6-Performance and safety improvements
        Improvements in the rendering engine to increase the performance of websites as well as the “Edit-In-Place” editing system:

        • Multiple actions, such as the generation of Url, now run in the background giving greater agility to the end user.
        • Improvement in index maintenance plans that leads to faster indexing of content.
        • Improvement in the task scheduler that offers greater robustness to the service.
        • Adaptations for the “Google Analytics” functionality to work with the new Google authentication model.
        • It stops supporting the automatic publication on Facebook and LinkedIn because the changes made in the APIS of said suppliers would require additional work to the user and the advantages of the automatism were lost. The functionality of sharing on Twitter, the most used by users, is maintained.
        • Modernization updates at the heart of Portal Builder using state-of-the-art Microsoft technology (related to Entity Framework 6, Angular, dialog technology in client, wizards …)
        • Security improvements that include intelligent mechanisms to avoid “attacks” to the system.

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