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We give you the keys to the success of your website

what-is-quality-content-640x483.jpgThe main ingredients for success online are the generation of quality content, use wisely the social networks and the search engine optimization (SEO).

In this article, without going into technical topics, are tips so you can get it.

1-Content quality

There is no doubt that the technical or good practices employed of SEO help the visibility of our website and bring new visitors. However, content well drafted, specialized in the topic which deals with and, ultimately, is at the height of what demands the public, is that keeps visitors loyal to our site by providing us with the following:

  • Trust and reputation: A renewed and relevant content frequently brings value to the potential customer and provides confidence, loyalty and online reputation.
  • Higher conversions: The content of quality has a direct on sales influence that not only describes a product or service of a company, also can convert a visitor to customer. A good drafting of content strategy aims to ensure that the reader understands why and How to use your service or product.
  • Best natural positioning: Searchers are focusing all their efforts to find and provide in their results news content and quality, away from those who are of a purely commercial or advertising nature. In the case of Bing and Google, two search engines struggle to combat spam and promote the contents of quality with new algorithms.

2 – The role of social networks

Social networks and blogs grow at leaps and bounds globally and the habits of users are experiencing significant changes in this regard. Also, search engines have been outlining their algorithms to demand for the needs of these new users, rewarding with best positions and reputation online, to those items that identify the author of the article. This is why that, search engines are going to evolve, companies have to change their strategies and move towards a more viral marketing by adding the sharing of content in social networks and blogs.

3-Optimization technique SEO

Apart from the above, if you want to get better SEO results can hire an agency that will help you continuously make technical changes on your website or, Alternatively, do not worry much more if you’re already using Portal Builder to manage your site. Remember that Portal Builder offers automatic optimization of series and additional utilities that, with good content, allow you to appear better positioned in search engines.