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Tips that will increase the visits on your website


Here are a few tips that are essential for developing a good strategy of positioning:

1. Quality texts and original: the quality content, relevant and original to provide value to our target audience is one of the fundamental pillars of a good positioning strategy. Not only it will keep visitors loyal to our site but also which search engines we will award with greater relevance.

2. Searches for and defines your keywords: to optimize your web page is of vital importance that you define the keywords that you want to position yourself in the search engines. Then, everytime you think a page, you will need to choose a few and use them in the following way:

  • In the title or name of our content
  • Descriptionlabel description should give a summary of what appears in that page and should contain the keywords that we want the search engines to show our page
  • H1, H2tags: labels is very important, since they tell the search engines which are the words more important of our content to be given greater importance when displaying results
  • Within the contentitself: the keywords must include naturally within the content without making excessive use of them

3. Structure and web design: it is important to design a structure and well developed hierarchy of the contents of the page. The presentation of information with easy and intuitive navigation is critical to getting loyalty to our target audience.

4. The importance of social networks: social networks take an increasingly important role in the business world and should form part of the life and strategies of companies since they are the perfect opportunity to publicize, in a rapid manner, our products or brand. Participate in them will allow us to expand our influence and increase our online reputation and also improve the positioning of content that more sharing on social networks.

5. Analyzes the effectiveness of your website: an analysis of the statistics of our web traffic is essential to know the evolution and the success of our web site, becoming the support for any marketing action. With the data obtained, companies can position itself better against its competition, define strategies for marketing based on the pages with more success, know the weak points of your site, the origin of the visits and they may even help define strategies more in keeping with the habits of our target audience, improve the service and get a greater number of sales and customers.

6. Uses a platform’s content management to help you: if you do all of the above and the results are not to your liking, you can do two things. One, hire a SEO Agency on a monthly basis perform technical optimizations on your website either, if you’ve not done so already, see how Softeng Portal Builder can do the magic you are looking for, thank you your optimization engine automatic and transparent to users.