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The importance of a good online marketing strategy

031913_1457_Laimportanc1.jpgThe speed with which social networks have taken off has completely changed the way companies relate to your target audience. The great acceptance of consumers to the media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + or You Tube, is having an impact on the way in which these are looking for information about brands, products or services and make purchase decisions.

For this reason, companies must evolve to the users; social networks not only offer us the opportunity to retain our regular customers, but they also give us the ability to reach hundreds of potential customers, so it must become a fundamental pillar in our marketing strategy.

An Marketing Online plan is a channel strategy based on the knowledge of the behaviour of the client in the middle and the characteristics of the market in which we perform the activity. Its aim is to help define the way to go to our customers and establish new linkages and relationships with users, consumers and potential clients.

 What should you keep in mind when designing an Online Marketing Plan?

Attract consumers who are in the network requires a great effort for which is draw a Social Media strategy. Then, we give you some keys to registed your plan’s success: 

Identify our goals
You must identify the goals you want to achieve and that means we will use to achieve them. It is necessary to determine what type of publications are going to do (posts, Tweets, videos…) and what content we will include them, setting a timetable to evaluate the frequency of our publications and the achievement of the objectives.

Who is our target?
Know what our target audience is the base of our operations since it is essential in order to establish a good communication. We must always ask ourselves to who we dirjimos, what their interests are, what are looking for, what channels used, etc…

Listen and interact proactively
Monitor what is said in your company and acts accordingly, establishes conversations with your followers and takes advantage of the feedback that you provide to improve your products and services. Maintain an active presence on social networks will help us to gain notoriety and visibility, strengthening the image of our company and increasing our social conversions.

Be at the forefront
Social media should not be seen as a bulletin board where bombard our users with advertising messages. We must stop whatever the trends, habits and social mechanisms that help our actions to achieve the impact and the impact that we want to.

Call to action
Call to action to your followers can affect not only increased our sales, but it may serve to increase the number of followers and potential clients interested in our company or services. For example, invite your followers to events or offers the most faithful promotions and exclusive benefits.

Do know how it works our competition?
If you are not considering a strategy online for your company you have to think that your competition will have already done so. Know what the social presence and our competition strategy is essential to be more competitive and differentiate ourselves. 

Finally, should take into account that social media are a part of the marketing strategy of our company and must be perfectly integrated with Offline actions we must be coherent to not mislead the consumer.

Reflect and rethink the strategy to follow to maximize the impact of social networks.