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Success story

In 2009 we began our journey to the cloud motivated by the need to make a change to help us cope with the devastating effects of the crisis that began to make a dent in our company, every time came fewer orders, fewer implementations of our PB product, less orders to mount infrastructures. In short, our income fell.

On the contrary to what was happening with our revenues, the maintenance costs of our IT infrastructure increased due to the ownership costs (electricity, maintenance and renovation of obsolete hardware) and investments in Software licenses and migrations to new versions for Do not lose productivity or security. It was an untenable situation, we needed a solution and we found it in Microsoft’s cloud.


History of a success story

After studying the many advantages that the cloud could offer our company in terms of cost savings, security and increased productivity. We began our transition to the cloud gradually starting by adapting our Portal Builder product so that it was native to Azure, a bet strong that it had fruits quickly since we were the first case of success of Azure in Spain recognized by Microsoft. In addition to this recognition, the savings offered by the change to the cloud was so great in terms of staff dedication costs and hosting infrastructure that we continued to gradually raise all our workloads, Exchange servers, Lync, SharePoint, applications , backup systems, etc …

Our knowledge and experience at the service of our clients

After benefiting from the advantages that the cloud offered to our company in terms of cost savings, innovation, security and flexibility and faithful to our philosophy of always offering the best solutions, we made our knowledge and experience in the cloud available to our customers. of Microsoft through solutions with Office 365 and Azure.

Imma Rasero, partner & customer Softeng Advisor, pointed to one of the Cloud events we celebrate annually – “I always explain to the client that we always put at home the software, applications and solutions that we have previously tested with the objective of advising him correctly knowing the product very well “- and this is always our objective, to offer a quality service to our clients together with the best solutions.

After almost twenty years working with our clients, using technological excellence to design and develop innovative solutions aligned with the business needs of our customers, we can ensure that the cloud is key to launch new business opportunities that add value to the Business.








In this sense, our company began its transformation to the cloud a few years ago and today we are a reference partner of Microsoft specialist in solutions in the cloud and leader in deployments with Office 365 and Azure but do you want to know what were the reasons Why do we decide to make this transformation?