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Protect your business with cloud solutions of Microsoft and Softeng

Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft Protecting the security and privacy of data and ensure business continuity by keeping always operating systems are key challenges in business. And to help achieve them , Microsoft offers a number of cloud services built into Office 365 and Azure of which I discuss in this article.

How Office 365 protects your business data

Information (files and mail) is one of the most valuable assets. In fact,   each company has information that makes it unique so protect it is key to keep growing. To do this, Office 365 includes tools that ensure the security of your data and provides capabilities that help businesses adapt to external industry regulations and meet internal safety requirements.

Preventing leakage of information about your files and email

Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft Data leakage occurs when confidential or sensitive information of a company leaves the same through employees (deliberately or accidentally way). To control these leaks, Microsoft offers Information Rights Management (IRM), a tool that encrypts and protects sensitive information (files and mail) from unauthorized access. With MRI you can restrict what employees can perform on documents and confidential emails such as forwarding, copying or printing, to protect and control the spread of content. In addition, files that are encrypted can not be opened by third parties outside the company, even if physically reached him by any means (Disco cloud, USB, email, web, ftp, etc).

Protecting your company against spam and malware

Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft Exchange Online, with its “Protection” module provides a mail filtering service based on the cloud that helps protect your company against any new type of sophisticated attack. The service includes capabilities for protection against spam, malware and viruses as well as protection against malicious URLs in real time.

In the case of attachments, all suspicious content undergoes behavior analysis of malware in real time using machine learning techniques to evaluate the content for suspicious activity.

Protecting your mobile devices

Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft An increasing number of employees accessing sensitive corporate information through mobile devices is higher. In this sense, Microsoft Microsoft Intune offers, which provides complete management parquet phones, tablets and PCs. With this solution , IT managers can control which devices have access to data from Office 365 and prevent access in the event of loss or theft, as well providing the ability to remotely delete data it may contain.

Helping to meet the most stringent quality standards

Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft Office 365 adheres to global industry standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27018, the EU model clauses, the agreement BAA HIPAA and FISMA. Additional subjected to third-party audits by internationally renowned consultants in order to obtain an independent attestation of compliance with the policies and procedures of security, privacy, continuity and regulations.


How Microsoft Azure helps the continuity of your business

Companies that require always keep operating their computer systems to not stop their activity have a good ally. With Azure, they can reduce downtime of their applications and speed your recovery in case of interruption.

Disaster protection in your infrastructure

Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft Azure Site Recovery helps protect servers you have in your company by coordinating replication and recovery of physical or virtual machines in the cloud. With this tool you can create recovery plans flexible to suit your needs and help you to restore service, even with complex workloads.

Azure Site Recovery can be used in various scenarios such as: Virtual Machine Protection VMWare and Hyper-V as well as physical servers running Windows or Linux.

Forget the tapes and having to take them to the bank

Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft Backups are an important and necessary task, so far, with the traditional method, or was too simple nor entirely reliable. However, from now on, we Backup services on the Azure cloud that enable your company reliably protect the data that you have at home or at another location at low cost, pudiéndolos recover quickly and easily. In addition, Azure only transferred to the cloud changes made to files, thus optimizing storage costs and bandwidth.

With Azure Backup you can forget about the tapes, devices, backup, backup licenses and having to take the tapes to the bank.

Insurance and unlimited file storage Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft

Microsoft Azure provides secure and unlimited storage for your files, avoiding investment in disk arrays and backup systems. Thanks to its flexibility you can go quickly and easily provisioning more space as needed and pay only for what you’re using.

Helping to meet the most demanding quality estandades

Azure It is the first cloud platform to adopt the ISO 27018 standard, the first international regulations on privacy in the cloud. Protege a tu empresa con las soluciones en la nube de Microsoft


  How does it help you Softeng?

Softeng helps you map out and agree on the best strategy for your company to the cloud climb gradually, in stages, without headaches, safely and starting to have advantages, benefits and savings from the start. Also, we help you implement and take advantage of all the security tools you have explained in this post.

Additionally, Softeng is one of the Spanish companies more solutions Office 365 and Azure deployed, with more powers in Spain and one of the first partners of Microsoft in getting the Gold Cloud competition Microsoft, supported by customers of medium and large Softeng company which has successfully implemented 365 Office and official certifications obtained by our specialists engineers cloud solutions from Microsoft. This allows us to offer a service full guarantee.

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