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News coming in Office 365 and Outlook Web App

La evolución del correo electrónico en Office 365 Microsoft has released 3 new features Outlook Web App in Office 365, which will help you be more productive with your email, be more efficient sharing documents with people outside your organization and collaborate more efficiently with colleagues.

Helping you prioritize your email
At the end of the day we received a large volume of emails that fill our inbox messages with different degrees of relevance. Manage this “disorder” mailbox rule setting, requires time usually do not have. For this reason, Microsoft offers a new feature that will help us organize this “disorder” allowing us to set priorities in the emails.

“Clutter” is the name Microsoft has given this functionality. The system learns the patterns of user behavior to know what kind of messages are most important. We just have to check off the ones that are most important and which not, after a while Outlook will learn our behavior from future messages and deliver them in the proper order and in different views.

La evolución del correo electrónico en Office 365

Share files by mail without attach
Outlook Web App includes integration with OneDrive Enterprise, which enables you to easily share your files stored in the cloud.

When sending a new email you can choose to automatically load the file from OneDrive or send it as a link. Also, you have the option to set permissions to the document that you are sending from email.

La evolución del correo electrónico en Office 365

The recipient of the email can edit the document received coauthored in real time (several users at a time) and respond to email with just one click. In addition, the file will be opened in edit mode in Office Online screen along with a response to the original conversation so you can easily answer the mail.

La evolución del correo electrónico en Office 365

Work to established groups from other applications
Microsoft has also added functionality “Groups” of Yammer in Outlook Web Apps, a collaborative tool that will allow all members of a company and work together more closely. Also, gradually these groups will be accessible from all Office 365 applications.

Microsoft has not given a concrete release date for these improvements, but it seems to be operational in the coming months. We will inform you when we know exact dates!

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