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New capabilities of Office 365 to prevent information leaks and improve security in your company

Mejoras en el servicio DLP para Exchange Online

Now available the new capabilities of Office 365 in their system of “data loss prevention” (DLP).

This functionality built into Exchange Online, allows companies to apply policies to the content of the messages to stop accidental or malicious leaks of information such as financial data, intellectual property, customers or trade secrets.

News of which I will talk about are: “Document Fingerprints” and “Policy Suggestions in Outlook Web”.

    Fingerprints on documents
    This new feature allows customers to define patterns of information as a template and prevent sensitive documents that match those patterns are sent through e-mail.

In the same way that a fingerprint has a unique pattern, the documents contain formatting patterns or unique words that differ from the rest. For example, a company that frequently used forms containing a format or unique words, you can create a fingerprint on the document to identify when users are sending that document and implement DLP policies to control the spread.

Mejoras en el servicio DLP para Exchange Online

A template based on the type of document that is used to detect documents that meet the same pattern is created

Fingerprints can be created for an entire document or part of the content.


DLP Policy Suggestions in Outlook Web App
This feature is designed to notify users of your company who are sending sensitive information via email.

Through suggestions Policy, administrators can create your company’s brief notes that will be shown at the time that the sender of the message may be in violation of the policy and before it can be sent.

Mejora la seguridad en tu empresa con Office 365


Moreover, from now, these tips are also available from Outlook Web App (OWA) and from your devices.

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