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Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Groups When use?

¿Cuándo utilizarlos?

Collaboration is one of the essential pillars of productivity of a company and one of the elements that cause the greatest impact on its competitiveness But we manage it ?

The collaboration consists of groups or teams of people to work together and achieve an objective or goal. However, each group is unique with its style of work and own needs, know the way they want to work, what they are working and the speed at which the project is implemented are some of the factors that determine which tool appropriate to help them achieve their goals.

Collaborative work style of each team
Office 365 includes tools that adapt to the way computers work by providing an integrated solution that enables them to collaborate more effectively via chat, online meetings, co-authoring and secure file sharing, group email and network When corporate social but work with each? In this article we tell you what their differences and optimal settings for each.

microsoft Teams

¿Cuándo utilizarlos? We begin with the latest addition to Office 365, Microsoft Teams, a new workspace based on chat and designed to improve communication and collaboration of teams of companies. Teams gather in a common space, collaborative applications necessary for teamwork (Chats, Videoconferencing, notes, access to content, Office Online, planner, among other features).

Teams is designed for a need for instant interaction; start a conversation with your team Teams usually expecting an immediate response to progress effectively in the project. One of its distinguishing capabilities is that the tool offers the possibility of tracking conversations through chat history.

In addition, Microsoft Teams incorporates T-Bot, an assistant professor of artificial intelligence that helps users become familiar with the service.


¿Cuándo utilizarlos? Yammer is the corporate social network par excellence, with her team can create groups, project or issue type and hold discussions forum. It is commonly used to share knowledge with colleagues or professional colleagues, post news, open debates or questions, but without expecting an immediate interaction of talks since in most cases the answers and participations hours and days are delayed.

Yammer allows a dialogue with the whole enterprise in an easy and orderly manner. Ideal to create communities of interest, exchanges of experiences, etc … space is, therefore, an action field more open than specific project teams that are managed with Microsoft Teams or Groups Office 365.


Groups Office 365

¿Cuándo utilizarlos?

Differences between Teams and Groups Office 365 are less obvious since the two tools share a large part of the infrastructure. In fact, you can create a team Teams from a group of existing Office 365.

It works with applications Office 365, so that users can perform co-authoring files, storing files in the document library group, take notes with OneNote, organize and assign tasks through Planner, schedule meetings or send mails within the group.

One of the differences for the moment Teams is that the new tool Office 365 does not allow collaborate with outside people and groups yes permits. On the other hand, focuses Teams entire platform agility chat while using Outlook Groups will be their usual for talks and Sharing interface.

This table, published by Microsoft, contains a number of scenarios or needs and recommended them for each tool.

¿Cuándo utilizarlos?

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