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Material event Microsoft and Softeng about Office 365 and Azure Portal Builder

Material del evento sobre soluciones Cloud de Microsoft y Softeng In the event on cloud solutions by Softeng and Microsoft last May 30 in the auditorium of the College of Economists of Catalonia, specialists in Office 365, and Azure Portal Builder, found us as a combination of the three platforms helps companies to reduce infrastructure costs, increase productivity and innovation capacity.

Check here the presentations that were shown at the event

In this presentation, Carlos Grau, Director of Microsoft in Catalonia, spoke about the importance of competitiveness in business and the role of Microsoft.

In this presentation, Carlos Colell, CEO and Imma squeegee, Managing Partner of Softeng, They talked about the reasons why companies adopt cloud and the value that really contributes Cloud businesses.



Ramon Masuet, Office 365 Softeng Specialist, spoke about improving the productivity of your company with Office 365 through demos of SharePoint Online, Office and communication tool Lync Online. In this presentation you will see the pre-demo of Office 365 tools which offered attendees slides.


Jordi Fernández, manager of Softeng Cloud Solutions, explained the strategies your company guesses to move to the cloud and optimal scenarios to make the jump.

In these three presentations that follow, our specialists Office 365 showed us through case studies, social network Yammer integrated with Office 365, How to prevent leakage of sensitive information with Office 365 and Right Management and Information Getting knowledge Power Bi and Office 365. In these presentations will see the introduction slides insightful demos offered to those attending the event.

Finally, Ibon Uria and Jordi Marchan, Softeng Portal Builder Specialist, showed us how to get more business opportunities through the web with a case of Portal Builder. In this presentation you will see the introduction to the spectacular demo that offered the attendees.

We thank you all for your support! We are working on the next event for all those companies who could not attend. We will be announcing the date!