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If you already have Office 365, learn how to activate Office on your iPad

Cómo activar Office 365 en iPad If you are an iPad user who already has a subscription to Office 365 now you can work with your Office applications from your Apple device.

Word version for iPad is compatible with all files that can be opened in the Windows version and adapted to the screen of your iPad.

For the version of Excel comes with a ready for iPad allows viewing and editing information in a much clearer interface. Finally, to create and edit PowerPoint presentations and even simulating a laser to create emphasis or highlighting things when you tap the iPad screen pointer.

However, to be able to work with your new applications must have a subscription of Office 365 include Office as we explain below:

For each application, just open a document and click the Activate appears on the top yellow bar and then enter your login credentials to Office 365:

Cómo activar Office 365 en iPad

After activation you will have full access to all features of the suite such as view, print, create and edit documents.

Show Microsoft tutorial videos in which we show how to activate Office 365 and how to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint from your iPad

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If you could not change your applications, it is possible that your subscription does not include Office.

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