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Hyperautomation: the sophistication of automation with artificial intelligence

Hiperautomatización: la sofisticación de la automatización con inteligencia artificial

Process automation helps us to simplify and standardize processes, making them more efficient and much more robust. In addition, thanks to technology, each of the automated processes provides us with a lot of valuable information to better understand what we do and how we work.

Therefore, automation is not something isolated, but must be treated as part of a gear that works together with data analysis, the creation of solutions and business applications, etc. But what is the next level?

The sophistication of automation to reinvent processes that learn, anticipate and act efficiently

When we take process automation to the next level, we no longer just talk about automating repetitive tasks, but go further by combining automation itself with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or RPA (Robotic Process Automation), among others, to design, automate, supervise, measure and analyze each process in order to maximize its potential. We are talking about hyperautomation.

As Gartner predicted, hyperautomation has been a growing strategic trend during 2021, and will continue to be so for the next few years, mainly due to the search for more efficient ways to manage business processes in an increasingly changing and competitive environment. . Thus, it is not surprising that in those companies that are already in an advanced digitization process and understand the cloud and innovation as levers for progress, the hyper-automation of processes is one of their priorities.

Microsoft Power Platform tools help us transform and enrich our data – which would otherwise have to be mechanically and repetitively fed by a person – in order to achieve operational excellence, with greater optimization, quality and cost savings.

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