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How Exchange Online protects your company’s data

exchange_png-550x0.pngIn this post, we want to go into detail about one of the new features of Exchange Online, preventing loss of data (DLP).

E-mail is a means of communication in organizations of all sizes and the extensive use of this for critical communications including sensitive data, makes that data protection is an issue of vital importance for the organizations. 


Preventing the loss of data (DLP by its acronym in English) is a feature that allows administrators to apply rules to the content of the messages to stop accidental or malicious information leaks such as customers, financial data, intellectual property or trade secret information. 


Features DLP facilitate data management, helping you to identify, monitor and protect sensitive information, continuously monitoring the data stored, in use and in transit and applying multiple policies match for protection in real time and without affecting the productivity of workers.


sugerencias.pngThrough the policy suggestions, it is possible to create short notes that are shown at the time that the sender of the message may be infringing one of the policies and before it can be sent.



The DLP system comes with a set of default templates that cover the most common implementation scenarios. However, administrators can create policy from scratch either build new ones from existing templates, tailored to the specific needs of your organization regulations.

These templates and management directives (composed by transport rules, actions, and exceptions), is from the center of management of Exchange (EAC) in a fast and easy way.



In short, with this new feature, customers of Office 365 will benefit from greater control over the most sensitive data in your messaging.

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