DATA & AI26 March, 2024 min de lectura

Do you know what is essential to move forward on the AI path?

The unstoppable advance of generative AI is pushing companies to adopt it as soon as possible to remain competitive. But are they properly prepared? Digitally ambitious leaders must have a good understanding of what is essential to move forward on the AI path with confidence and at the pace needed to avoid falling behind.

This technological advance has opened up a new world of opportunities. However, in order to move forward on the path of artificial intelligence, companies must face several challenges. Only those who understand what they need to make the most of their potential will be able to generate new competitive advantages for their business, thus making a difference.

Where do I start?

This is the first question that arises, and the answer is the cloud.

Based on our experience, we can identify two frequent scenarios in the first steps in the transition to the cloud. On the one hand, companies that have not yet completely migrated their infrastructure to the cloud for various reasons such as, for example, having on-premise systems that are not yet amortized or others. On the other hand, companies are starting to adopt cloud services from different providers at an accelerated pace, mistakenly believing that having a multi-cloud environment diversifies the risks associated with a single provider.

  • The transition to the cloud can be hybrid, as it allows you to start modernizing part of the environment while maintaining the on-premise infrastructure.
  • We recommend doing so with a single cloud provider to avoid the risks that a multicloud strategy can generate, i.e. a fragmented, complex environment with higher maintenance costs.

Simplifying the environment with a single cloud provider to manage everything from infrastructure, data, to cybersecurity, provides a critical operational advantage in terms of control, agility and cost to be able to take full advantage of AI.

How do I move forward?

Prioritizing data management and analysis.

Generative artificial intelligence draws on them to provide better answers, predictions and recommendations. But do we have our data ready? How can we empower them with AI?

The real value of data is not only the quantity, but the quality. Those companies that manage, store, organize and secure their data without losing control will be more prepared to take advantage of AI than others.

  • The essential thing is to upload the data to the cloud, which will allow us to have them better governed, protected and take advantage of advanced analysis tools to obtain insights that facilitate and speed up decision making.
  • Once we have our data ready and protected, we will be better able to identify the highest value use cases to implement solutions powered by generative AI.

But… Am I well protected?

Probably not.

The paradoxical power of AI to build, but also to destroy underscores the importance of having a robust cybersecurity strategy under constant review. It is not simply a matter of avoiding cyber-attacks, but of being well prepared for the possibility of their occurrence. At this point in the journey, it is essential to achieve cyber resilience. How?

  • Implementing layered protection to continuously secure and protect all exposed surfaces susceptible to attack.
  • Achieve complete defense through a modern AI-powered SOC capable of detecting and responding to incidents faster, improving accuracy and minimizing the effects of potential cyber-attacks.

All this, with the aim of building a digital fortress to have an environment that can continue to function in the face of any cyber-attack.

Keeping up with the pace is essential to stay ahead and not fall behind.

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