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Discover the intelligent cloud Cortana Analytics

Cortana Analytics

In the world conference of Microsoft partners held last July, Microsoft introduced Cortana Analytics Suite, A new service that brings together technologies such as cloud Azure Machine Learning, Power BIStorage Big Data and processing with perceptual intelligence like vision, the face and the analysis of language.

In the words of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Cortana Analytics is designed to help any business to transform itself through the power of data, enabling them to make intelligent action from the data they collect.

The new suite will be available through a monthly subscription during the autumn and in this article will move its main features:

Integration with Cortana
Cortana Analytics As the name suggests, the new suite is integrated with Cortana, the personal virtual assistant Microsoft using individual users of mobile devices and desktops, now focused to the business world. This implies that the way to interact with these services will be very intuitivita as it will be possible to use natural language to ask questions about data.

With this major step Microsoft puts his personal assistant to a higher level, ahead of companies like Apple with Siri or Google with its Google Now.

Transform your data into intelligent actions
The data are key assets for any company strategy because everything that happens around it produces information that can help us create new business models and stay ahead of our competition. However, analyzing the large volume of data generated by a company and extract valuable information is not a trivial task and we need appropriate tools and techniques as we offer Cortana Analytics.

The suite allows the company to analyze large amounts of information, helping to understand based on data collected through technology Machine Learning (Machine Learning) and predict the coming events and to act accordingly trends.

The service can analyze data from structured databases and unstructured data and based on the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Subsequently, these data can be organized and displayed by Microsoft BI Power, which makes it possible to analyze in more simple to understand format.

Cortana Analytics


If you want an example of how Cortana Analytics helps companies can view this video Health center Dartmoutch-Hitchcock. The hospital is developing Cortana Analytics Suite with a remote monitoring solution and predictive analysis called ImagineCare

Microsoft, using the power of Azure, makes advanced data management techniques are available to everyone and Softeng as specialist partners solutions in the cloud Microsoft, we help you get your full advantage.

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