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Discover how to predict the future by obtaining a competitive advantage and ML Big Data

Los beneficios del aprendizaje automático con Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Want to know which of your customers you have more risk of losing or what product you have more chances to sell?

Now, with your historical data and predictive technology Microsoft “Azure Machine Learning”, you can get answers to these and other questions and so advance you take appropriate action.

Get valuable insight from your data

Companies have increasing amounts of data (Big Data) at their disposal and with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to extract valuable information, not only to understand the present, but also to predict the future.

Until recently, this type of analysis could only be done through complex software, powerful computers and scientific / mathematical. Now with machine learning platform Microsoft in the cloud, you will be able to recognize trends or patterns to predict future behavior, without having great knowledge.

Machine Learning offers different types of analysis to get the information:

  • What happens? (Descriptive analysis)
  • Why does this happen? (Analysis diagnosis)
  • What will happen in the future? (Predictive analysis)
  • What is the best action to take? (Prescriptive analysis)

Los beneficios del aprendizaje automático con Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Through these analyzes you will be able to:

  • Extracting information to understand and define a situation or problem.
  • Predict scenarios and situations.
  • Make smart decisions and assessing the likely consequences.
  • Implement improvements and automate processes.

In short, you’ll get results from high value to help you make good decisions.

Machine Learning is everywhere
Although we do not realize the predictive power applications are part of our daily life, such as: Mail spam filter, the results pages of search engines, suggestions contact on social networks and many more applications and services that live with us for some time and help us to be more productive.

If you want to know more about Azure Machine Learning, you can view this video:

Now the machine learning techniques are available to everyone and Softeng as specialist partners solutions in the cloud Microsoft, we help you get the most out of Azure.

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