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Controlling devices accessing your enterprise with Office 365

Cómo controlar los dispositivos con los que los usuarios acceden a Office 365 An increasing number of employees accessing sensitive company information through mobile devices is higher. This new trend, compounded by the fact that many users want to work with their personal devices (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD), represents a significant threat to the security of company data.

Therefore having a system that controls access to information from any mobile device (Mobile Device Management or MDM) has become a key element for the security of all companies.

In this sense, Microsoft Microsoft Intune, which provides complete management of devices (mobile and PC) with advanced management and enterprise application with which you can control and manage access of your employees from any device offers.

However, Microsoft recently surprised us by including in Office 365 device management capabilities (MDM) to help companies manage iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. These features are available at no additional cost to customers with business plans, education and government as previously required purchasing Intune.  

What MDM provides Office 365 for enterprises?

MDM allows administrators to control which devices have access to data from Office 365, providing the possibility of eliminating corporate data device from the management console if necessary.

Then his features are as follows:

  • Cómo controlar los dispositivos con los que los usuarios acceden a Office 365 Authorized devices: You can set security policies that determine the types of devices that can access corporate information. With this feature, both emails and documents of all kinds can only be used by authorized company devices.

  • Device Management: You can also create security policies such as Require a password to operate the device, not allowing screenshots, block the use of USB connections and many other all designed to protect information and prevent access to users authorized.

Cómo controlar los dispositivos con los que los usuarios acceden a Office 365

  • Reports: In the Administration Center Office 365 you have reports with which you can obtain valuable information about the devices that access the data of your company.

  • Selective delete data: With this feature, if a device is lost, stolen or if the employee is no longer part of the organization, administrators can wipe corporate data was inside the device, optionally can do without deleting data personal user.

How to manage devices from Office 365

IT administrators can manage and configure security policies for devices (Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and Android) from the administration portal Office 365 through a user-friendly interface and without impacting employee productivity.

Cómo controlar los dispositivos con los que los usuarios acceden a Office 365

Companies that need protection beyond what Office 365 includes the possibility of hiring have Microsoft Intune for additional management capabilities of devices and applications. However, Microsoft has announced that they are working on a future version in which Office 365 customers may apply the MDM capabilities of Office 365 for some users and provide complete management capabilities Microsoft Intune to other users within the same contract .

And when we will need more than 365 Office offer?

Cómo controlar los dispositivos con los que los usuarios acceden a Office 365

When we want to also manage the PC’s of our company, from health to deploy applications and manage your virus protection centrally … Intune comes in

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that helps your company to not only protect mobile devices and computers but also tablets (running a professional edition of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1) Service, even though these have not been attached a domain so it is ideal for companies whose staff are mobile or are geographically distributed.

Intune includes all MDM capabilities of Office 365 and:

  • Application Management: IT administrators can deploy and manage both corporate applications such as control of app stores on mobile devices and to apply certain restrictions such as not allowing copy, cut, paste and save as.

  • Navigation control: You can restrict the sites employees can visit your company.

  • Advanced security management: You can deploy and manage profiles certified devices, email, VPN and Wi-Fi.

  • PC’s management: Manage devices without cloud infrastructure required to manage PCs, as their health status, alarms in case of problems, virus protection and more.

  • Inventories of hardware and software: You can gather information about the hardware and software used in your business to help you plan an update cycle or to determine if you have installed unwanted software on managed devices.


The new features to Office 365 still add more value to the platform and provide enough to meet the needs of security, mobility and productivity demanded by business and changing market capacity, rapidly differentiating from other market solutions . And if you still need more … well here it, Intune;)

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