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Comparing Office 365 and Google Apps

Comparando Microsoft Office 365 con Google Apps In a competitive market your company needs the best productivity tools to stay ahead of competition, reducing time and costs. For this we offer Microsoft and Google cloud solutions that can meet our needs, but what is best solution for your company?


Comparing the functionality

Google Apps offers an extremely simple user interface. In return, the services it offers and the functionality is very limited when compared with Office 365, which negatively impacts the productivity of users. According to comments from former customers, the main complaints about Google Apps, (apart from the privacy of the data on which we will speak later), focus on impediments to properly edit Office files, inability to work offline and lack integration among its many applications and utilities.

Office 365, in contrast, offers a set of familiar tools for users who already work with Office, with a richer functionality yet easy to use and with a careful integration between different applications. Moreover, apart from being able to work offline, Office 365 enables companies to prevent data leaks and obtain communication skills among employees and richer partners (eg desktop and application sharing, make up to 250 conference participants versus 15 Google as well as providing presence information for users in real time and integrated throughout the suite).

Comparing privacy and security of your data

Google Apps has a policy of limited privacy protection. In fact, the advertising makes use of user information has meant the opening of investigations by the European, Union and the US “veto of some countries to use their services for enterprises.” Additionally, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection has not validated to Google to fulfill the LOPD. Currently it is possible to negotiate with Google and guarantee that the data is in Europe although the AEPD requires case-by-case request permission. All this makes Google recently indicated an option for companies that care about the privacy and security of your information.

Office 365, in contrast, operates a policy of strict security and audited without access your data and guaranteeing their elimination if the service ends. Also, the Spanish Data Protection Agency has stated, after reviewing the service and the model contracts of Office 365, they offer customers the solvency and appropriate to export their personal information to Microsoft under the Basic Law guarantees Data Protection (LOPD) confirming Microsoft Cloud as the only provider that offers these guarantees.

strong>Comparing the flexibility of plans
Comparing with Microsoft Office 365 Google AppsGoogle AppsTo make the leap to the cloud, it is a matter of all or nothing because it offers the same service to all users of the company, besides forcing move everything to the cloud without the possibility of hybrid solutions. Office 365 On the other hand, it offers a wide range of plans to suit your business needs and allow you to move to the cloud at your own pace, with minimal disruption to your current IT environment and paying only for what you use.

Comparing hidden costs

One of the reasons why some companies initially raised by the Google Apps is apparent (and light) price difference compared to Office 365. However, keep in mind that there are a number of factors, often unknown by customers which impact the actual final cost.

Google Apps: Once the customer has Google Apps, customers realize that they have to go buy third-party tools also need to integrate and maintain. For example, for integration with Active Directory (Otherwise, users are validated different from your network credentials), migrate and share Outlook contacts, professional support, and expand the number of participants in video conferencing capabilities, etc.) . In addition, you should also calculate the opportunity cost is the loss of productivity (not to work so well offline, implications of not using Office, lack of integration with other products, etc).

Comparando Microsoft Office 365 con Google Apps These are the costs for third-party products that some companies may need to Google Apps. The data are from December 2013 and based on Google Apps Marketplace or websites of suppliers and can change at any time. For more details about the hidden costs of Google, see this document

Office 365:
Microsoft offers a complete transparency on the features and benefits of the suite so we will not find surprises. In any case, we must take into account costs resulting from the adoption of SharePoint Online, for businesses that are not accustomed to using this platform will need to invest in training and support if they want to benefit fully from the potential offered to businesses .


Comparing Service Support

Google Apps: Your support model is based on the criterion based on Google and not the impact of the incident for the customer priority. In addition, a key factor if the problem impacts all or almost all users in the organization. In addition, Google starts to not attend a support request until described the severity of it. For more information on the characteristics of the support of Google, you can consult the official document here.

Office 365: In case of any incident, Office 365 users are well informed by an information panel on your console. Also, 24/7 support is available although the incidence has a unique user company.

What do you recommend Softeng?

Surely we recommend Office 365 to those companies that value aspects such as productivity, reliability and security. With Office 365 organizations have the tools they already know and need, plus a cloud service in the trust. The result? A 99.9% reliable service that allows companies to meet the needs of their employees and customers, ahead of the competition.

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