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5 Reasons to move to SharePoint 2013

072413_1258_5Razonespor1.png SharePoint 2013, the new version of the Microsoft collaboration platform, incorporates interesting features and new ways of sharing and working with others, helping to improve the productivity of your organization.

In this post we highlight the five reasons why I choose SharePoint 2013 is a decision that brings great benefits to businesses.

1 – Improves your employee collaboration
SharePoint 2013 has been optimized considering the way users work, providing a simple and consistent appearance of information, collaboration and processing, on a platform that meets the needs of your company. Also, with the new features you can share documents with your suppliers and customers.

2 – Knowledge, … available to all people
The new version of the collaboration platform introduces the concept of community, a place where people can discuss your business and collaborate socially through microbloging walls (a la Facebook) and with some additional features such as management the reputation of people.

As I have discussed in previous post, the acquisition of Yammer, the enterprise social network from Microsoft, also reinforces social capabilities of the platform.

3 – Manage projects better your team
The new capabilities of SharePoint facilitate the organization of work through unified view schedules, project deadlines and task lists, easy to manage and administer the whole team. The platform also offers the ability to sync tasks with Microsoft Project and Outlook.

4 – Quickly find what you need
SharePoint 2013 includes the Fast Search Server power in search platform, thereby obtaining quick results. It also offers a customized search experience with which you can adjust and get more accurate and relevant results.

5-Maximum productivity for working with files
The integration of Skydrive cloud services with SharePoint professional level, make it very easy to share documents across all devices. With drag and drop functionality you can store, sync, share and collaborate in a way as simple as drag and drop.

Also, pro Skydrive lets you work with files in situations where you do not own internet connection.

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