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4 measures to guarantee the security of the information of your company

4 medidas definitivas para garantizar la seguridad de la información de tu empresa

Do you know who can access the information stored in your company? Does your organization comply with the new data protection regulations? Do you have a security solution that protects your corporate email from the most advanced threats? In this article we will help you discover what are the main security risks and what solutions you have at your fingertips.

Each year, more than 6,000 vulnerabilities are discovered in systems used by enterprises around the world. This figure, included in the 2016 Trends in Cybersecurity report published by Microsoft, highlights the importance of having certified, solvent and updated security software. For this reason, we can safely say that no company – regardless of size or the sector in which it operates – can afford to do without a security strategy.

And if ensuring the security of documents and data held by a company – whether at its headquarters, in a branch or in the cloud – is one of the main concerns of the managers of half the world, the great headache of the directors technology is to choose the system that best suits the needs of your company.

Ensure security and comply with the new GDP standard 4 medidas definitivas para garantizar la seguridad de la información de tu empresa R

Concern over the guarantee of information security adds to the fear of the millions of penalties that a company that does not comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will enter into force on May 25, 2018.

According to the new legislation, which will be mandatory in all EU member states, companies that do not respect the right of citizens to know faithfully the use that will be given to their personal, public or professional data , can be fined up to 20 million euros. In addition, companies should ensure the safekeeping of third-party data and in case of an attack they will be obliged to inform both the authorities and the affected citizens.

4 measures to guarantee the protection of the data of your company 4 medidas definitivas para garantizar la seguridad de la información de tu empresa

To stop attacks and protect against vulnerabilities, the main decision that an IT director should take is to bet on the implementation of security solutions that address the 4 great risks that can arise in an organization:

1 – Prevent the identity of corporate users from being compromised
Lately, theft of passwords through fraudulent mailing practices has proliferated in an alarming way with the aim of inducing recipients to disclose their personal information (technique called Phising).

In addition to this, if we consider the growth of application use in the cloud coupled with the fact that many users often re-use the same password to access them, the security threat to enterprises is enormous given the risk that a cybercriminal get only a user password for an application that maybe .. is not even corporate!

The solution to this headache is called Azure Active Directory , because it can provide, through a single sign-on, secure and validated access in two steps , to all the applications used by the users of the company, also greatly simplifying IT management.  

2 – Protect data and ensure compliance with regulations
Stimulating productivity with cloud access while keeping protected and controlled information is essential. If you do not have a solution that allows you to control the access and diffusion of the documents of your company by your employees, we can help you from Softeng. To this end, we have implemented Azure Information Protection , which allows you to classify, label and protect your essential documents while also controlling compliance with the new GDPR legislation. This aspect is also supported by systems that include Office 365 advanced plans, such as the Customer Lockbox, to obtain the express authorization of data transfer.

3 – Expand the controls of access to the information contained in the different devices of the company
Providing enhanced security to personal and business devices is another major challenge and therefore one of the four steps a company must take to ensure its safety. In this respect, the Microsoft-based cloud-based tool, Microsoft Intune , allows you to control which devices have access to corporate applications and Office 365 data and prevent access to them in the event that devices are lost or stolen, ensuring compliance of the company’s safety regulations.

4 – Safeguard infrastructure
The fourth essential step to have your company information under control is to implement policies that help keep resources secure in the cloud and hybrid environments. For this the key is to bet on technology manufacturers who do not skimp on security like Microsoft, which invests in it more than 1 billion dollars a year. From a prism of protection of infrastructure and data as well as the possibility of recovery, Azure offers us extensive solutions of disaster recovery .

Microsoft 365, the perfect solution for your advanced security needs

Microsoft 365 E5 is the perfect solution for those companies that want to offer a modern, collaborative and highly secure work environment, offering comprehensive protection for the entire company. All this, thanks to a complete suite that includes Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

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