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Thrombotargets Europe

Introduction of a new technological infrastructure getting: diversification of risks, internal and external security, maximum availability, redundancy of data and accessibility to mobile users. Strong security policies are also designed to safeguard the know-how of the company against possible attacks and created a channel of direct connection with international delegations. read more ...

Montagud editors

We have carried out several projects for migration to new versions of the Microsoft platform. Later, the maintenance of the network is delegated us, and in particular of the SQL Server Manager that governs its corporate bond. read more ...


Installation of a Windows Server that includes IIS6, SQL Server, Commerce, CRM and a system of statistical data warehouse. Delegates us later, management, administration and maintenance of the server. read more ...


Collaboration in the design of the strategic plan for the migration of technology NT to Active Directory, training and consultancy to carry out several projects of Workflow through technology Exchange Server and Outlook. read more ...


Implementation of a messaging Exchange infrastructure integrating with other companies of the Group and using Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS). We are also entrusted its monitoring and maintenance. read more ...

About Softeng

Softeng is a software consulting and engineering company whose mission is to help companies increase their competitive advantage by optimizing their systems, improving their productivity and driving innovation.

To achieve this, he accompanies his clients with security in his digital transformation, moving his classic systems to Microsoft 365 and Azure optimizing them, modernizing his workstation to improve productivity and protecting his companies against data leaks and cyber threats, with innovation.

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