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Grupo Alava Ingenieros
The IT Manager of the Álava Ingenieros Group thinks about the Softeng events:

"In its events, Softeng always manages to combine, in a masterly manner, very interesting contents, very good technical means in the rooms where they are held, and the great expertise of its staff, so that the event is tremendously useful, instructive and enjoyable. The way they have to show the new developments that arise in the Microsoft cloud platform through a series of presentations with stories and interconnected arguments is simply great.

In addition, to see that it is Softeng's own staff who carries out the presentations, and see the domain they have of the topics, provides a plus of tranquility. You know you can not be in better hands. It is those same people who, in case of any problem, will be by your side and will help you solve it, whatever difficulty you may have. "
Javier Gimeno


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