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Col · legi Infermeria Barcelona
Official College Infermeria Barcelona
"The partnership that we have with SOFTENG usually allowed us to improve our internal processes, become more efficient and have solutions that work as expected and on time and cost projections. Therefore, our company is highly satisfied with the involvement, rigor, efficiency and professionalism of his team as well as the results of the various projects in recent years has been carrying out SOFTENG. "
Josep Paris i Giménez
Group Copisa
Copisa group
We wanted a product backed by a company that will give us safety, security and responsiveness to new needs. Constant improvements we get through Softeng Portal Builder updates contribute greatly to it.

Nati Alcalá Escudero
Responsible Department of Image and Communication Group COPISA

CNA Group
CNA Group
"We have been working with SOFTENG since 1995 mainly in the area of ​​systems. His experience in implementing solutions on Microsoft platform and the excellent results obtained in the many projects carried out for the group, allows us to be highly satisfied with their work. Their involvement, rigor, effectiveness and professional level of its equipment and the results of the projects has led Softeng to be a company of our total confidence "

Victor Comas
IT Manager
"Softeng Portal builder has been created keeping in mind all the important aspects that make a product quality." Since its inception, is has counted with the collaboration of Microsoft which has brought its experience supporting at all project stages, from the definition of the architecture to the optimization of the processes of development.
The introduction of Visual Studio Team systems such as life-cycle management tool has enabled to establish processes and parameters necessary to guarantee the quality of developed software and be able to react to any incident on the same quick and efficient.
But the key to the success of any product is the team behind him. A group of professionals who are passionate about technology and highly qualified staff that they have been able to understand the needs of users and move brilliantly to a product as a Portal Builder CMS.

"The end result is an innovative and highly productive tool that allows the creation of portals and websites quickly and easily, facilitating the management and maintenance tasks at the same time."

Luis Gómez Sanchez.
Premier Services Technical Manager
Hüppe Spain

"We looked for efficiency in management, understand the behavior of our visitors and freedom to create new sections and content without relying on our Partner. Softeng Portal Builder has faithfully fulfilled our needs"

Miguel Angel Aranda
responsible IT

Elisava. Superior Design School

"We have worked with SOFTENG mainly in the field of consulting and custom software development." In both cases have demonstrated us their professionalism, capacity and total involvement from the first moment to the start-up of production of applications. "In this way we have managed a totally satisfactory implementation and an impeccable SOFTENG response to various requests."

Carles Guitart
The information systems technical


Infermera Virtual
Virtual Infermera (COIB)

"With the development by SOFTENG virtual Nurse web using Softeng Portal Builder, we have a management tool for easy content to use, flexible, and above all, very functional, with features that allow us to enjoy great autonomy for the maintenance and evolution of our website. also, we have seen the involvement, knowledge and professionalism of engineers SOFTENG to take forward a project with great complexity and also to help and advise us on how to make it evolve. "
Gisel Fontanet
Technical director of the project VIRTUAL IINFERMERA.


"Excellent conceptual and technical advice from SOFTENG, our company, DFC, S.A., it is highly satisfied with the development, introduction and implementation of all its technological platform, which for others of obsolete, not covered at all with our demands and approach corporate"thus improving our internal and business processes. Those responsible for the renovation of our computer system project, told with SOFTENG expert professionals in the technical and conceptual area, facilitating throughout time, the information required both technical and methodological to understand the scope of our investment and how we would act with new applications. "We are highly pleased with the degree of constant collaboration of SOFTENG and satisfactory level of provision of professional services that are available."

Rebecca Vitale-Faginas
Executive Office - Corporate Marketing


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