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The Head of Organization and Systems of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona thinks about Softeng:

"MACBA needed to modernize the email solution and provide our employees with tools that would allow them greater efficiency and flexibility by incorporating new features of instant messaging and video conferencing, for which we focused on Microsoft's cloud solutions, which offered us the flexibility and the cost savings that we were looking for The professionalism of Softeng both in its advice and in the implementation of the platforms have made the adaptation to Office 365 a success, we are satisfied with the results and we hope to have Softeng for future Projects"

Antoni Lucea

The IT Director of Girbau comments on Softeng:

"The problems generated by our Lotus messaging system (random changes in calendar views, various incidents in the mail query from mobile devices ...) as well as the limitations of some of its features, caused a lack of productivity in our company. For this reason, we decided to switch to the cloud service with Exchange Online and migrate our 300 users, spread over our offices in Spain and France, and then we gradually began to migrate users from our different subsidiaries in Europe, South America and Hong Kong. .

To help us develop and implement our global migration plan to Exchange online, we chose Softeng for their proven experience in projects of this size and for their good references. We are very satisfied with the work done by the Softeng team of professionals and we hope to continue counting on them to continue future projects in the cloud. "

Gil Riera

Grupo Alava Ingenieros
The IT Manager of the Álava Ingenieros Group thinks about the Softeng events:

"In its events, Softeng always manages to combine, in a masterly manner, very interesting contents, very good technical means in the rooms where they are held, and the great expertise of its staff, so that the event is tremendously useful, instructive and enjoyable. The way they have to show the new developments that arise in the Microsoft cloud platform through a series of presentations with stories and interconnected arguments is simply great.

In addition, to see that it is Softeng's own staff who carries out the presentations, and see the domain they have of the topics, provides a plus of tranquility. You know you can not be in better hands. It is those same people who, in case of any problem, will be by your side and will help you solve it, whatever difficulty you may have. "
Javier Gimeno

Federal Signal Vama
The IT department of Federal Signal Vama think about Softeng:

"In Federal Signal Vama were looking for a partner to accompany us in our process of digital transformation offering guarantees of success. We are committed Softeng for good references we received from them by Microsoft and its success stories, we have helped address the project migration to Exchange Online from our more than 100 users with a very satisfactory and accompanied at all times by a team of professionals who have been able to respond to all our needs result. We hope to continue with them on future projects in the cloud. "
Josep Torrodà

Montana Colors
The IT Director of Montana Colors says about Softeng:

"The staging, great! As planners, you are the best I have tried. The Office 365 implementation project has been going on for several months and at all times we have had the support, the answers and the expected solutions. The engineering team is expert in the subject and highly qualified. Our global vision of the project, a lot of experience, very pleasant treatment and above all, very professional! "

Jesús López

Deltalab IT Manager thinks about Softeng:

"We are committed to the migration of our On Premise e-mail services to Exchange Online with the aim of modernizing our IT infrastructure and improving the management of our IT department, thanks to our professionalism and experience. We have been able to finalize the project within the established deadlines and with total satisfaction. We hope to re-count on your collaboration for future projects . "
Miquel Martinez

The IT Director Friselva think about Softeng:

"We had a SharePoint intranet developed in 2013 primarily aimed at management and quality department due to various performance issues and management had a clear tendency to disuse by our users. With the help of Softeng our intranet is becoming a useful tool for us and recurrent use. We chose Softeng for good references we had them and because he had attended one of their events on cloud solutions, their proven expertise and proximity and professionalism of his team have been crucial to the project's success, we are very satisfied and we have them to continue to evolve our solution. "

Oscar Estevez

The IT Director of JJUAN comments on Softeng:

"We were looking for a partner with the necessary experience to advise us and tackle a global project with the maximum guarantee of success and in SOFTENG we have found it.

The professionalism and involvement of its team of engineers as well as its rapid response to solve the problems inherent in a deployment of such magnitude, have made us feel at all times in good hands and that we are very satisfied with the results obtained.

Thanks to the solutions of Softeng and Office 365 we are getting an increase of our productivity as well as a great improvement in our communications with all the delegations of the JJUAN group worldwide, especially with our plant in China. We will undoubtedly continue to count on them as our value partner in Microsoft "cloud" solutions. "

Javier Martínez


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