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Office 365 Deployment

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Success story of Office 365 in Vueling
The IT Director of Vueling comments on Softeng:

"For the implementation of the solution we worked with several suppliers and in the end we opted for Softeng, due to the experience they had in implementations with other clients, which turned out to be a fairly quick and problem-free implementation, including training.

We believe that they will help us to extend the use within the company and get even more out of it by increasing the productivity of the employees. "

Samuel Lacarta

Office 365 Deployment
Project name Office 365 Deployment

The commitment of the airline Vueling for the cloud services of Office 365 and Softeng , have resulted in a success story that is reflected in a video in which Samuel Lacarta, IT Director of Vueling , shows his total satisfaction with the services of Softeng and which highlights the benefits of the Lync Online tool and how it helps the airline to be more productive.

Key points

Vueling chose Softeng as a Cloud services partner, as it is one of the most experienced companies in complex deployments of Office 365 and has expressed its total satisfaction with both Softeng services and the benefits it is obtaining from the platform.

The project arose when Vueling's IT and HR departments detected an excessive use of e-mail and face-to-face meetings, which meant an increase in management costs and lower employee productivity.

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