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Migrating Applications to Azure

Learn about Azure success stories for our customers

Success Story of Azure ZAL

Infrastructure solutions and services through virtual machines in the cloud, offer great flexibility ZAL to increase or decrease their capacity, as required, high availability and safely.

Azure Case Study G3 Tècnics

G3 Tècnics
Microsoft Azure and Softeng Portal Builder, G3 Tècnic provide flexibility and scalability you need to respond to peaks in activity variables and / or unpredictable, the company has with Azure virtual machines in the cloud that can grow or shrink in number and capacity, as required at all times.

Success Story of Azure Nodor

The performance of Softeng Portal Builder platform, which runs on Microsoft Azure, the company offers the possibility of working with the best technology with security and scalability to grow as well as a quick return on your investment.

Success Story of Azure CTSC

Microsoft Azure has provided the Consortium of Transport Sanitari de Catalunya, an infrastructure cloud to request that scales and adapts to changing business needs.