Success stories

Migrating Applications to Azure

Learn about Azure success stories for our customers

If it succeeds, Azure Petromiralles

Development of corporate website Petromiralles, leading distributor of fuels company, through our platform for web projects in the cloud Softeng Portal Builder that runs on Microsoft Azure. Flexible infrastructure that provides Azure is perfectly adapted to changing business needs

Azure Case Study of Nexus Energy

Nexus Energy
The performance of Softeng Portal Builder platform, which runs on Microsoft Azure, offer Nexus energy, the possibility of working with the best technology with security and scalability to grow as well as a quick return on your investment.

Success Story of Azure CATA Appliances

CATA Appliances
The performance of the enterprise platform to perform web projects in the cloud profitably, Softeng Portal Builder and Microsoft Azure, offer Cata Appliances reliable to work safely with your website and high availability infrastructure.

Success Story of Azure Chiesi Spain

Chiesi Spain

Flexible infrastructure that provides Microsoft Azure Chiesi perfectly adapts to changing business needs, paying only for what you need at any given time and also avoiding maintenance costs, energy and investment in hardware.

Success Story of Azure Farmaban

The leader for the field of medicine Farmaban, company has relied on Microsoft Azure and Softeng Portal Builder. The performance and flexibility of the two platforms make managing your web safely and with high availability.

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