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Development of solutions in the cloud

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If successful cloud development in AXA Assistance
Development of solutions in the cloud
Project name AXA Assistance

AXA Assistance is a leading company in the field of multiassistance has been operating in the Spanish market for over 50 years through a travel assistance insurance with medical network itself internationally.

The company opted for Softeng to develop an application that would allow them to better support their clients and manage effectively their policies. It also needed to ensure the availability of this so he decided to host the application on Azure benefiting from savings cost, flexibility and security in the cloud implicit Microsoft platform, without requiring investment.

Key points

AXA Assistance takes thousands of steps per day and the tools used by servicers to manage emergency operations trips were scattered among different data sources and documents as required for an application capable of centralizing information offering its services efficiency and increasing employee productivity.

The application of Axa hosted in the Azure cloud offered the company the stability and flexibility needed to ensure the availability at all times.