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Presentation of Portal Builder in 4 minutes

Using a non-technical presentation for business users, learn about the benefits of Softeng Portal Builder to carry out web projects and the benefits of choosing the cloud - Microsoft Windows Azure. Discover Softeng Portal Builder in just 4 minutes, here !
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Interface "Edit-in-place" Builder Portal

"Edit-in-place" is one of two user interfaces available on Portal Builder. It is a great tool that easily allows authorized users to enter the web in a special edit mode, browse and directly edit any content from same, without using the most advanced management interface BackOffice Studio. Also, in an integrated way, can I access the SEO tools and an analytical system-wide views. Watch it now on a 4 min video!
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Visual layout of pages

By "visual composition pages" interface "Edit-In-Place" Portal Builder lets you organize, add and relocate the contents of its web pages by "drag and drop" mode. This will allow you to offer a dynamic and constantly changing web visitors with minimum effort and maximum independence.

Find out how it works in less than two minutes!

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25,000 concurrent users visiting an site developed with Portal Builder.

Technical presentation showing the Portal Builder spectacular performance in cloud, with a cargo of 25,000 users, using only 10 medium Azure instances. The 2011 version of Portal Builder is optimized for Azure and provides linear scalability of 2,500 users per instance medium, supporting up to peaks of 4,000 per instance.
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What areas of the home arouse more interest?, Do my web links disitinguen clearly?, "The visitor interacts in areas that most interest me?," Highlight the most important links, What areas should I promote? . The "heat map" of SOFTENG Portal Builder will help you find answers to all these questions.

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About Softeng

Softeng is a software consulting and engineering company whose mission is to help companies increase their competitive advantage by optimizing their systems, improving their productivity and driving innovation.

To achieve this, he accompanies his clients with security in his digital transformation, moving his classic systems to Microsoft 365 and Azure optimizing them, modernizing his workstation to improve productivity and protecting his companies against data leaks and cyber threats, with innovation.

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