From a strategic perspective and business, we would like to show you a list of the main Portal Builder technological advantages and a brief explanation of the guarantees on quality.

In SOFTENG argue that technology should be explained to clients in terms of tangible business benefits, instead of using an overly technical and difficult to understand language. These principles had very present to translate the Portal Builder keys under a prism and technical quality:

Azure Cloud Technology

  • Security: Your information in highly secure data centers in compliance with the Data Protection Act and all regulations for security and privacy.
  • Integrated with Office 365 Portal Builder is integrated with the applications of Office 365 suite working with Lync, Office and SharePoint
  • Always on-line: 99.9% guaranteed to pick two instances, through redundancy infrastructure and geographical replication service.
  • Elasticity: Given the need to grow in a predictable or unexpected peaks, you can increase / decrease the ability automatically.
  • Scalability: Portal Builder gets grow linearly in Azure and demonstrated live loads up to 25,000 concurrent users using just ten medium instances.
  • Yield: Portal Builder is optimized for response time and from sites managed is excellent, reaching 300ms on average per page request.
  • Save: Important cost reduction compared with its own infrastructure (hardware, OS licenses, renewals, bandwidth, energy and infrastructure management).


  • Qualified as an innovator: In 2012 the Ministry of Science and Innovation Portal Builder Softeng described as an innovative platform and awarded its continuous evolution.
  • Quality certificate: Platform certified annually by Microsoft to run optimally in Azure as well as the independent company Lionbridge Veritest.
  • Award for best application in the cloud:   In 2011, Microsoft gave us the award for best application cloud in Spain.
  • Pioneers:   In 2010, Portal Builder was the first case of successful Microsoft Azure in Spain. Also was presented by Steve Ballmer as the first world CMS running on that platform.


We recommend that you visualize the video in which in a few minutes you will see the ease with which you can keep the contents of a website. Not to be missed!

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