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Choosing a platform that facilitates the content management of your web project is something that can not be waived, but not enough. Having tools that help to dynamize the site and allow the integration of the processes of your company are also arguments to be taken into account.

In this section we present a summary of the outstanding features of Portal Builder:

Edit-in-Place.png Edit-in-Place
Increase the productivity of your team
In a very intuitive way, enter and edit contents while browsing.
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TraduccionSimultanea.png Simultaneous translation
Reach a global audience at no cost
Keep the contents in one language and spread your web in several.
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OptimizacionSeo.png SEO optimization
Get a substantial increase in visits
Position your website at the top of the search engines with Softeng Portal Builder's SEO technology.
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mapacalor.png Heat Map
Improve the experience of your users
Visually analyze the behavior of visitors and optimize the site for more conversions.
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Estadisticas.png Integrated visit analytics
Analyze the effectiveness of your website
Google Analytics, integrated in the interface of Softeng Portal Builder.
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BackOfficeStudio.png BackOffice Studio
Gain flexibility and control
An intuitive tool for the integral management of the site.
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Workflow Engine
Optimize your business processes
Model, integrate and monitor the editing and publication of web content activities.

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Framework.png Portal Builder Framework
It allows to create all kinds of applications
From Miscrosoft Visual Studio it is possible to develop all kinds of integrated applications on your website.
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ModelardorEntidades.png Entity modeler
Adaptable to the company
Extensible to adapt perfectly to the particularities of your organization.
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Integrador.png Application Integrator (EAI)
Easy integration
Connect Softeng Portal Builder with any of your business applications: ERP, CRM, document managers, portals ...
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Likewise, for customers with very demanding needs, Portal Builder incorporates a set of powerful modules to promote strategic web plans as effectively as possible.


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