The web is today the main artery for the strategy and growth of companies, so to get more opportunities and customers through the web, a classic content manager is not enough to keep the information.

Discover, without technicalities, the benefits that our content manager Softeng Portal Builder offers our clients:

  • Quick implementation: Once the graphic design is approved, your website will be ready in a few weeks.
  • Get more opportunities: Thanks to the optimizations that Portal Builder automatically performs and the powerful SEO tools it incorporates, your website will have more visits and therefore more opportunities to help your company.
  • Autonomy: With Portal Builder you will have a state- of-the-art content manager to update the information and structure of your website in a simple and efficient way.
  • Lasting investment: Change the design of your website at any time, without losing the investment made.
  • No compromises: With software as a service, you get a positive, risk-free return on your investment.

Gestor de contenidos Portal Builder CMS: Demo online

We invite you to discover now through this video the ease with which you can manage your new website, using a revolutionary content manager that is changing the way business and marketing professionals manage their websites to be more competitive.


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